Faith scripture Flash cards 3 - an excellent way to help you to memorize scripture verses and increase your faith.

These faith flash cards are printable if you open the FAITH FLASH CARDS in PDF format and print them from there.

And the word of God
increased; and the number of
the disciples multiplied in
Jerusalem greatly; and a great
company of the priests were
obedient to the faith.
(Acts 6:7)
Confirming the souls of the
disciples, exhorting them
continue in the faith, and
that we must through much
tribulation enter into the
kingdom of God.
(Acts 14:22)
For he was a good man,
and full of the Holy Spirit
and of faith: and many
people were added to
the Lord.
(Acts 11:24)
Testifying both to the
Jews, and also to the
Greeks, repentance toward
God, and faith toward our
Lord Jesus Christ.
(Acts 20:21)
The same heard Paul
speak: who steadfastly
beholding him, and
perceiving that he had
faith to be healed,
(Acts 14:9)
First, I thank my God
through Jesus Christ for
you all, that your faith is
spoken of throughout the
whole world.
(Romans 1:8)
By whom we have received
grace and apostleship, for
obedience of faith among
all nations, for his name:
(Romans 1:5)
And Stephen, full of faith
and power, did great
wonders and miracles
among the people.
(Acts 6:8)
And put no difference
between us and them,
purifying their hearts
by faith.
(Acts 15:9)

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