Faith scripture Flash cards 7 - an excellent way to help you to memorize scripture verses and increase your faith.

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Yes, a man may say, You
have faith, and I have
works: show me your faith
without your works, and
I will show you my faith
by my works.
(James 2:18)
Listen, my beloved brothers,
has not God chosen the poor
of this world rich in faith,
and heirs of the kingdom
which he has promised to
those who love him?
(James 2:5)
Was not Abraham our father
justified by works, when he had
offered Isaac his son upon the
altar? Do you see how faith
worked together with his works,
and by works faith was
made perfect?
(James 2:21-22)
You see then how
that by works a man
is justified, and not
by faith only.
(James 2:24)
For as the body
without the spirit is
dead, so faith without
works is dead also.
(James 2:26)
But will you know,
O vain man,
that faith without
works is dead?
(James 2:20)
Submit yourselves
therefore to God.
Resist the Devil, and
he will flee from you.
(James 4:7)
And the prayer of faith shall
save the sick, and the Lord
shall raise him up; and if he
has committed sins, they
shall be forgiven him.
(James 5:15)
Who are being kept by
the power of God through
faithfor salvation ready
to be revealed
in the last time.
(1 Peter 1:5)

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