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For the Glory of Jesus Christ

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Here is Logos Apostolic Church of God History and aims and Objectives.

Logos Apostolic Church of God is a Christian, Pentecostal type, Sabbath keeping church. It is an international body of believers who have come together to seek out and practice the truth of the word of God, and worship God in spirit and in truth. It was founded in March 2006 by Bible Teacher Roy Page, who had a burning desire to spread the truth of God's word across the world. He began a small fellowship in his home city of Wolverhampton UK. Roy was soon joined by pastor Stephen Ofwono in Uganda whom he had met on a missionary journey there two years before, and a few diligent men in Kenya, Michael Otieno and John Omondi, who had the same passionate desire to spread the truth. They formed the first Logos Apostolic Church of God fellowship in Kenya.

From there it has expanded to where it is today with churches in numerous countries. The total number of people who are with us today is not known.

The Aims and Objectives of Logos Apostolic Church of God

(a) To establish and operate the Church according to the scriptural principles laid down in the word of God, especially in the New Testament.
(b) To worship and glorify the Almighty God, and his son Jesus Christ, by whom he made the heavens and the earth.
(c) To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
(d) To conduct evangelistic crusades.
(e) To establish places of worship, and provide for the spiritual and material needs of its members.
(f) To establish and operate a Christian training centre called LOGOS APOSTOLIC BIBLE COLLEGE.
(g) To search for and teach the true doctrines from the word of God.
(h) To conduct open air meetings and promote personal witnessing.
(i) To pray for the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead, where the Spirit of the Lord so wills.
(j) To assist widows, orphans, needy people, and street children.
(k) To establish or assist in the establishment of Christian workshops, seminars, and conferences.
(l) To produce, record, and publish, bible training programmes and teaching material, through the media of Audio or Visual aids, for the promotion of the Aims and Objectives of the Church.
(m) To advise and train members and communities on the avoidance of HIV/AIDS, and to pray for the healing of sufferers where appropriate.
(n) To offer vocational training in marketable skills, as a way of raising living standards to unemployed youths and adults in the Church. (African countries only at present time)
(o) To provide financial and technical assistance for programs which assist the poor, the slum dwellers, and take care of the vulnerable groups in the community.
(p) To operate as a non-political organization.
(q) To open branches/Local Churches.
(r) To prepare God's people for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

As stated in these Aims and Objectives (j), Logos Churches in have been diligent to try to take care of widows and orphans in various poor countries. They are numerous in Africa, India and Pakistan, and large portion of our finances have been committed to this purpose. Much more is needed.

In the future, we intend to continue to expand by God's grace for his glory, and to spread the truth of his word in all the world before Jesus returns.

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