A list of Greek adverbs used in Logos Apostolic Greek interlinear with common meanings. Strong's number is on the left, followed by the number of occurrences, the Greek word, and possible translations.

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Adverbs of manner

55 (1x) ἁγνῶς purely.
89 (4x) ἀδιαλείπτως without ceasing.
95 (1x) ἀδίκως wrongly, unjustly.
147 (1x) αἰσχροκερδῶς for greedy gain.
199 (5x) ἀκριβῶς accurately, perfectly.
230 (21x) ἀληθῶς truly, really.
274 (5x) ἀμέμπτως blamelessly, without blame.
317 (1x) ἀναγκαστῶς compulsively, by compulsion.
516 (6x) ἀξίως worthily, in a manner worth of.
574 (1x) ἁπλῶς bountifully, generously, sincerely.
664 (2x) ἀποτόμως sharply, with sharpness.
678 (1x) ἀπροσωπολήπτως without respect of persons, without partiality.
814 (2x) ἀτάκτως disorderly.
870 (4x) ἀφόβως fearlessly, without fear.
1104 (1x) γνησίως genuinely, sincerely.
1222 (1x) δήπου indeed, surely, at any time.
1346 (5x) δικαίως righteously, justly.
1432 (9x) δωρεάν for no reason, for nothing, freely.
1446 (3x) ἑβραϊσ Hebrew.
1483 (1x) ἐθνικῶς like Gentiles.
1500 (7x) εἰκῇ without cause, in vain.
1596 (2x) ἑκουσίως willingly.
1619 (1x) ἐκτενῶς earnestly, intensely, fervently.
2088 (1x) ἑτέρως otherwise, differently.
2093 (3x) ἑτοίμως readiness.
2095 (6x) εὖ well, good, rightly.
2112 (80x) εὐθέως immediately, instantly, at once.
2117 (16x) εὐθύς immediately, directly, instantly.
2153 (2x) εὐσεβῶς reverently, godly, piously.
2156 (3x) εὐσχημόνως properly, honestly.
2452 (1x) ἰουδαϊκῶς like Jews.
2509 (13x) καθάπερ just as, even as.
2526 (4x) καθὸ according as, according to.
2531 (182x) καθώς (κατὰ + ὡς) just as, according as, inasmuch as.
2560 (16x) κακῶς badly, ill, wickedly, evilly, grievously.
2573 (37x) καλῶς well, rightly, correctly.
2931 (1x) κρυφῇ in secret, hidden.
3122 (12x) μάλιστα a superlative, most of all, especially.
3123 (85x) μᾶλλον a comparative, more, greater, rather.
3171 (1x) μεγάλως greatly.
3371 (x) μηκέτι no more, no longer.
3433 (6x) μόλις with difficulty, hardly.
3440 (66x) μόνον only, alone.
3545 (2x) νομίμως lawfully.
3668 (30x) ὁμοίως similarly, likewise, in the same way.
3689 (10x) ὄντως indeed, really, truly.
3740 (3x) ὁσάκις as often as.
3743 (1x) ὁσίως holily.
3756 (1453x) οὔ, οὐκ, οὐχ not, no. A particle used as an adverb.
3760 (1x) οὐδαμῶς not, by no means.
3779 (213x) οὕτως thus, in this way, in this manner, like this.
3780 (56x) οὐχί not.
3825 (142x) πάλιν again.
3843 (9x) πάντως wholly, by all means, certainly.
3898 (1x) παραπλησίως likewise, in the same way, in like manner.
4054 (5x) περισσότερον far more, more abundantly.
4056 (13x) περισσοτέρως more, greater, more abundantly.
4146 (4x) πλουσίως richly, abundantly.
4153 (2x) πνευματικῶς spiritually.
4178 (18x) πολλάκις often, many times.
4181 (1x) πολυμερῶς in many pasts.
4187 (1x) πολυτρόπως in many ways.
4290 (1x) προθύμως readily.
4458 (16x) πως somehow, by some means.
4500 (1x) ῥοιζηδὸν with a rushing sound.
4709 (2x) σπουδαίως earnestly, diligently.
4970 (11x) σφόδρα very much, exceedingly.
4985 (1x) σωματικῶς bodily.
4996 (1x) σωφρόνως soberly, with sound mind.
5029 (2x) τάχα perhaps, possibly.
5030 (10x) ταχέως quickly, hastily, speedily, soon.
5035 (13x) ταχύ quickly, speedily, without delay.
5049 (1x) τελείως fully, to the end, perfectly.
5121 (3x) τοὐναντίον on the contrary, opposite.
5613 (492x) ὡς as, like, even as.
5615 (17x) ὡσαύτως (ὡς + αὔτως) likewise, in the same way.
5447 (1x) φυσικῶς naturally.
5615 (17x) ὡσαύτως likewise, similarly, in the same way, in like manner.
5613 (492x) ὡς) as, like as, when, how, according as.
5616 (34x) ὡσεί (ὡς + εἴ) as, as though, as if, as it were, like (with numbers - "about").
5618 (42x) ὥσπερ as, just as, even as.

Numerical Adverbs

530 (15x) ἅπαξ once.
1364 (6x) δίς twice.
4413 (105x) πρῶτος –η –ον first. (Also a numerical adjective.)
2178 (5x) ἐφάπαξ once, at once, once for all.
5151 (12x) τρὶς thrice, three times.
3999 (1x) πεντάκις five times.
2034 (4x) ἑπτακίς seven times.

Comparative and Other Adverbs

These adverbs do not fall into the category of manner, time, or place.
957 (1x) βέλτιον -ον very well, better, 2 Timothy 1:18. Comparative of ἀγαθός -ή -όν good, well.
3123 (85x) μᾶλλον a comparative of μάλλα, more, greater, rather.
4706 (1x) σπουδαιότερον a comparative adjective used adverbially, 2 Timothy 1:17.
5032 (5x) τάχιον a comparative τάχύς, quicker, more quickly, speedier, more speedily.
5121 (3x) τοὐναντίον on the contrary, on the other hand.
5484 (9x) χάριν for the sake of, by reason of, on account of. Used as a particle or preposition.

Adverbs of time, place, etc.

104 (8x) ἀεὶ always.
260 (10x) ἅμα with, together with, at the same time.
507 (9x) ἄνω above, upwards, high.
509 (13x) ἄνωθεν from above, from the beginning, anew, again.
687 (3x) ἆρα therefore, then.
737 (36x) ἄρτι now, just now, right now.
839 (15x) αὔριον tomorrow, the next day.
891 (49x) ἄχρι, ἄχρις as far as, until. (Used like a preposition of time or place).
1204 (9x) δεῦρο here, come here. (Used like an imperative).
1447 (6x) ἑβραϊστὶ in Hebrew.
1451 (30x) ἐγγύς near.
1534 (16x) εἶτα then, next, afterwards, furthermore.
1539 (1x) ἑκάστοτε always.
1563 (98x) ἐκεῖ there, in that place.
1564 (27x) ἐκεῖθεν thence, from there.
1597 (2x) ἔκπαλαι of old, of a long time.
1715 (48x) ἔμπροσθεν Before, in front of. (Also used as a preposition.)
1782 (13x) ἐντεῦθεν from here, from this.
1799 (97x) ἐνώπιόν before, in the sight of, in the presence of.
1824 (6x) ἐξαυτῆς instantly, immediately, at once.
1854 (65x) ἔξω out, outside.
1855 (11x) ἔξωθεν outwardly, without, outside, from outside.
1883 (20x) ἐπάνω above, over, more than.
1887 (17x) ἐπαύριον on the next day, tomorrow, future time.
1899 (16x) ἔπειτα then, upon which, after that.
2080 (8x) ἔσω within, inside,
2081 (14x) ἔσωθεν within, inside, from within.
2089 (117x) ἔτι still, yet, again, further.
2235 (59x) ἤδη already, now.
2546 (11x) κἀκεῖ and there, there also (καὶ + ἐκεῖ).
2547 (9x) κἀκεῖθεν and from there, and then, and afterwards (καὶ + ἐκεῖθεν).
2714 (5x) κατενώπιον before, in the presence of, in the sight of. (κατά + ἐνώπιον)
2761 (1x) κενῶς in vain, to no purpose.
2943 (4x) κύκλοθεν around, round about.
3029 (14x) λίαν exceedingly, greatly, much.
3112 (10x) μακρὰν far off, far.
3113 (14x) μακρόθεν far off, from afar, from far off.
3342 (9x) μεταξύ meanwhile (also used as a Preposition + Genitive = between).
3347 (1x) μετέπειτα afterward, Hebrews 12:17.
3360 (17x) μέχρι of place - to, even to, of time - till, until.
3361 (674x) μή not, no - used with moods other than the Indicative.
3369 (1x) μηδέπω not yet. Hebrews 11:7.
3371 (21x) μηκέτι no longer, no more - used with moods other than the Indicative.
3379 (25x) μήποτε lest at any time, not at any time, lest (μή + ποτε).
3568 (139x) νῦν now, at this time.
3570 (20x) νυνί now, at this time.
3606 (15x) ὅθεν whence, from where, from which, whereby, for which reason.
3693 (7x) ὄπισθεν from behind, at the back, after, behind.
3694 (36x) ὀπίσω after, back, behind.
3699 (82x) ὅπου where. in what place.
3704 (56x) ὅπως how, in what way, by what means, lest.
3756 (1453x) οὐ not, no. οὐκ before a vowel with smooth breathing. οὐχ before a vowel with rough breathing.
3761 (137x) οὐδέ neither, nor, not.
3763 (16x) οὐδέποτε (οὐδέ + πότε) never.
3764 (5x) οὐδέπω (οὐδέ + πω) not yet, never yet.
3765 (47x) οὐκέτι no longer, no more - used with the Indicative.
3768 (23x) οὔπω not yet.
3819 (6x) πάλαι long ago, of old, former.
3825 (142x) πάλιν again, once more, furthermore.
3840 (2x) πάντοθεν all over, on every side.
3842 (42x) πάντοτε always, at all times.
3897 (1x) παραπλήσιον near to, nearly.
3916 (19x) παραχρῆμα (παρά + χρῆμα) immediately.
4008 (23x) πέραν across, over, on the other side of.
4133 (31x) πλήν besides, except. (Also used as a conjunction - but, nevertheless, however.)
4159 (28x) πόθεν whence? from where? from what? how?
4139 (16x) πλησίον near, (Used as an adjective - neighbour)
4178 (18x) πολλάκις many times, often, frequently.
4218 (19x) πότε when? at what time?
4219 (32x) ποτὲ indefinite, at sometime, at any time, in time past.
4225 (3x) πού somewhere, somewhere near.
4226 (47x) ποῦ where? in what place?
4250 (14x) πρίν before, formerly, sooner than.
4404 (10x) πρωΐ early, at dawn, in the morning.
4412 (60x) πρῶτον first.
4455 (6x) πώποτε at any time.
4594 (41x) σήμερον today, this very day.
5030 (10x) ταχέως quickly, soon.
5119 (159x) τότε then, at that time.
5231 (3x) ὑπεράνω far above, over.
5270 (9x) ὑποκάτω (ὑπο + κάτω) under, below.
5504 (3x) χθὲς yesterday.
5565 (39x) χωρίς apart, apart from, separately (also used as a preposition - "without, separate from").
5602 (60x) ὧδε here, in this place.

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