A list of Greek deponent verbs used in Logos Apostolic Greek interlinear. The Strong's number is on the left, its occurrences after it in brackets, then the Greek word and its common translation.

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N - Nominative
V - Vocative
A - Accusative
G - Genitive
D - Dative
1 - 1st Person
2 - 2nd Person
3 - 3rd Person.
S - Singular
P - Plural
P - Present
I - Imperfect
F - Future
A - Aorist
R - Perfect
L - Pluperfect
A - Active
M - Middle
P - Passive
M/P - Middle or Passive
D - Middle or Passive
I - Indicative
M - Imperative
S - Subjunctive
O - Optative
N - Infinitive
P - Participle
M - Masculine
F - Feminine
N - Neuter

Regular Deponent Verbs

Deponent verbs are verbs which are middle or passive in form but active in meaning.

21 (11x) ἀγαλλιάω to rejoice exceedingly, to exult.
75 (7x) ἀγωνίζομαι to wrestle, to strive, to fight.
143 (1x) αἰσθάνομαι to understand.
153 (5x) αἰσχύνομαι to be ashamed.
170 (1x) ἀκαιρέομαι to lack opportunity.
242 (3x) ἅλλομαι to leap or to spring.
430 (15x) ἀνέχομαι to endure, to bear with, to suffer.
480 (8x) ἀντίκειμαι to oppose, to be adverse to.
553 (7x) ἀπεκέχομαι to expect, to wait or look for.
576 (4x) ἀποβαίνω to become, to come, to go.
581 (1x) ἀπογίνομαι to be away from, to be removed from .
611 (250x) ἀποκρίνομαι to answer.
618 (12x) ἀπολαμβάνω to receive.
720 (29x) ἀρνέομαι to deny.
782 (60x) ἀσπάζομαι to greet.
1014 (34x) βούλομαι to want, to will or to wish.
1096 (678x) γίνομαι to become or come into existence.
1189 (22x) δέομαι to pray, to beseech, to ask.
1209 (59x) δέχομαι to receive.
1410 (210x) δύναμαι to be able.
1463 (1x?) ἐγκομβόομαι to put on, to be clothed with.
1523 (1x) εἰσδέχομαι to take into, to receive.
1525 (198x) εἰσέρχομαι to come into, to enter into.
1551 (6x) ἐκδέχομαι to look out for, to wait.
1607 (35x) ἐκπορεύομαι to go out, to come, to depart.
1728 (2x) ἐνάρχομαι to begin.
1861 (15x) ἐπαγγέλλομαι to promise.
1864 (1x) ἐπαγωνίζομαι to contend earnestly.
1901 (1x) ἐπεκτενομαι to teach out, to reach for.
1904 (10x) ἐπέρχομαι to teach out, to reach for.
1926 (2x) ἐπιδέχομαι to receive, to welcome.
1928 (1x) ἐπιδιατάσσομαι to add to.
1950 (8x) ἐπιλανθάνομαι to forget.
1980 (10x) ἐπισκέπτομαι to look at, to select, to visit.
2038 (39x) ἐργάζομαι to work.
2064 (643x) ἔρχομαι to come.
2068 (65x) ἐσθίω to eat.
2172 (7x) εὔχομαι to wish, to want.
2198 (143x) ζάω to live.
2233 (28x) ἡγέομαι to count, to think, to consider.
2300 (24x) θεάομαι to see, to look at, to examine.
2521 (89x) κάθημαι to sit, to be seated.
2620 (4x) κατακαυχάομαι to boast, to glory.
2672 (6x) καταράομαι to curse.
2716 (24x) κατεργάζομαι to work, to work out, produce.
2718 (13x) κατέρχομαι to descend, to come down.
2744 (38x) καυχάμαι to boast. to glory.
2749 (26x) κεῖμαι to lie, to place, to set, to establish.
2865 (10x) κομίζω to receive, to provide for.
2983 (263x) λαμβάνω to receive, to take.
3164 (4x) μάχομαι to quarrel, to fight, to contend, to strive.
3401 (4x) μιμέομαι to mimic, to imitate.
3416 (21x) μνάομαι to remember, to be mindful of.
3455 (1x) μυκάομαι to roar, to bellow.
3633 (3x) οἴομαι to think, to suppose.
3700 (58x) ὀπτάνομαι to be seen, to appear.
3884 (2x) παραλογιζόμαι to deceive.
4072 (5x) μέτομαι to fly.
4176 (2x) πολιτεύω to behave, to conduct yourself.
4198 (154x) πορεύομαι to go, to pass, to depart, to travel.
4283 (1x) προευηγγελίζομαι to preach before, to announce before.
4295 (5x) πρόκειμαι to set before.
4327 (14x) προσδέχομαι to receive, to admit, to wait for.
4336 (86x) προσεύχομαι to pray, to pray for.
4341 (30x) προσκαλέω to call, to call to. (Not always deponent Acts 5:36.)
4506 (18x) ῥύομαι to deliver.
4828 (4x) συμμαρτυρέω to testify or bear witness together with another.
4910 (2x) συνευωχέομαι to feast together with.
5264 (4x) ὑποδέχομαι to receive.
5399 (93x) φοβέω to frighten, to fear, to be afraid.
5463 (74x) χαίρω to rejoice, to be glad.
5483 (23x) χαρίζομαι to give, to forgive.
5574 (11x) ψεύδομαι to lie.
5612 (x) ὠρύομαι to roar.

Future Deponent Verbs

These verbs are deponent only in the future tense.

1510 ἔσομαι will be.
5343 φεύξομαι will flee.

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