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Melanie Powell
"God healed me of Osteoporosis!"

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"As dandelion seeds blown and carried on the wind, may the seed of this testimony produce a harvest for God." Melanie

My back pain began as a child. My mother first took me to the doctor aged 8, but the pain continued through my teenage years, and when I started work at aged 18, it got worse. The sudden attacks of severe pain were very frightening, and each time I became more and more scared. It began to affect my mobility. The doctors suspected muscle spasms, arthritis, even fibromyalgia, but to me my pain was deep, as if coming from my bones. Phobias and fears ruined my life - I was afraid of the pain, afraid of the drugs they offered - I was afraid to live, and afraid to die. Even though my mother and I were believing Christians - we prayed and we read the Bible and devotionals together - we seemed unable to rise above it all.

I received Christ when I was 12 years old, but at aged 21 I backslid. I could not forgive myself. The life I lived just wasn't 'me'. Now aged 24 I could no longer work. I decided to return to the God who knew me. I simply missed him too much to stay away from him, although getting past the obstacles that I had put in the way was a lengthy journey. One day I had a vision: I was sitting with Jesus and He had a look of utter love on his face, and He said the thing I most needed to hear, "I understand it all." From then on I knew that I was completely forgiven, and I felt at peace.
My physical pain and my limitations continued to grow, but it was different now. I knew God was with me. As time moved on I could no longer drive, I consulted 8 specialists, 8 more painful years, and more loss of mobility. In the winter of 2001 my clothes suddenly dropped in length. I had lost more than 2 inches in height, and I had constant intense pain in my back and ribs. I was referred to a new specialist, but as the waiting list was long, I opted to pay - I felt like the woman in the Bible who spent all she had on doctors, and still couldn't get well!

The diagnosis: osteoporosis. I had no idea that young people could get this. Within one year I was stooping, and I hated it. I felt old before my time. I was robbed of my youth, and robbed of my future. I couldn't even carry the lightest of things. A further 2 bone scans showed a 6% loss of density each time - now it was spring 2003. I was deteriorating at the rate of an 80 year old. I was told that I had no choice but to take drugs, but when I saw the side effects, I said, "I am not trading one bad thing for a whole host of other bad illnesses."
Spring 2004 - I could no longer walk, and when I went out I needed a wheelchair. One day as my mother and I completed our daily reading, we both exclaimed at the same time - exasperated by the situation - "That's enough, I'm not looking to what man can do any more - I'm going to put it and LEAVE it in the hands of our God!" And that's what we did.

Two weeks later when we went out, I was planning to get myself a regular permit to hire a shop mobility scooter. I really struggled to get ready, and I felt I would have to cancel the trip, but I prayed, as I always did, "Lord help me to do the things which I have to do today, I can't do it without you."
I collected my scooter, then my mother and brother went into the supermarket. At the entrance to the store was a stand selling digital Televisions. The salesman asked if I was interested, and then asked why I was in the scooter.
I replied, "Oh, its just something I need for now."
He said, "God's speaking to me about YOU right now - you've got problems with your bone marrow. and He's going to heal you!"
An intense heat shot down my spine. The lunch-time crowds were all around me - but God came to me in power that day! He used an ordinary man, a faithful Christian, to speak to me, and I KNEW that I could stand and be OK. Standing on hard ground used to make me feel faint, but I just got up and walked. I left my scooter, and for the first time I was free from pain. I was not afraid!

If you are sick, hang on to your faith in God - I don't know why it took so long for me - but there will be a time for you. Hang on to your seed, cling to God. He has all the answers - what is impossible to you is possible with God. Trust him! Sometimes, through all my pain and sadness I couldn't pray, but I KNEW that just the mention of his name would make the difference, and I would whisper, "Jesus!" Whatever the burden at that time - physical, emotional, spiritual - I always felt better.

Within 2 weeks of my miracle I had grown back to my original height! I had hardly begun to learn to walk again when in a dream I saw myself riding a bright red bicycle. I went out and bought one, but still being apprehensive even about walking, I put it away. Then one morning I knew it was 'my day' - I went with my brother to the park, and I had this incredible urge to pick up my feet and peddle! I was laughing, then I remembered, "Dave, how do I stop?!!?"
A passer-by said, "Anyone would think it was your first time on a bike!" - "It is!" - "At your age?" he replied, and went on his way.
As soon as I received my miracle, I began to give my testimony, and still do, believing that wherever my 'wind sown' seed of faith lands it will produce a harvest for God. Life is entirely different for me now, I love working for the Lord.

This is the end of the testimony of Melanie Powell.

Melanie now works in the office of Eurovision in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, UK - as fit as a fiddle - and as bright as a button - a wonderful testimony to her persistence, and to God's faithfulness.

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